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The Diligent Approach

A vision to protect and secure.




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With our vCISO Services or CISO-as-a-Service, we provide you with a board-level security executive to develop your security strategy and deliver on the objectives that have the most impact on your organization. This model provides you with the value of C-Suite leadership at a fraction of the cost and time of onboarding a full-time executive employee. Once you retain our vCISO Services, we will engage in consultation then conduct current, future state, and gap analysis to determine how to provide value in closing those gaps with a strategic security roadmap aligned to your business goals.

Cybersecurity Products and Services

Our MSP and Reseller Agreements enable us to provide our customers with the security products and services to address their cybersecurity needs. As a result, we can share a top-down perspective on security, privacy, and compliance across administrative, technical and physical safeguards. We are offering not only executive consulting but the tools and resources to execute as well.

Consulting Engagements

A vCISO provides security advisory, structure, and executive support. In addition, we can work with your partners, vendors, and clients to meet compliance and perform third-party risk assessments to ensure your engagements are successful and secure.

Deployment Solutions

Our team thinks outside of the box. We can present a range of solutions for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud challenges. As a virtual and cloud-focused firm, we’re ready to work with your private cloud team as well as platforms across Google (GCP), Microsoft (Azure), and Amazon (AWS).

Reporting and Documentation

Your vCISO will provide Risk, Vulnerability, and KPI Reporting. In addition, we can create or leverage your existing risk register, vulnerability management program, and compliance audits to provide you with the needed insight.


We can consult with your existing executives on a strategy to align security with your business objectives to enable your success. A great strategy not only considers your organizational culture but your company vision, mission, and business objectives.

Defense in Layers

A well-planned security approach incorporates defense in layers. We can assess, evaluate and enhance your posture aligning and improving the relationship across your administrative, technical and physical safeguards.

Application Security

We can organize a process to include Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and Coordinate product penetration testing for your information assurance needs.



DEW Diligence is an Information Security Consulting Firm. The company was established to aid leadership with strategic information security, provide cybersecurity solutions and add additional value by incorporating the most technologically advanced security products available to the market. We align security with your business model to deliver objectives and support your mission by understanding your vision.

The company can assess and analyze environments to identify security risks and then recommend or implement solutions. In addition, we can monitor and evaluate progress to reduce liability, risk, and maintain a standard of care. Operating within the enterprise environment or virtually, we facilitate communication, collaboration, and cooperation. Our team supports assurance and organizational excellence in merging key processes with requirements to mature security posture, protecting critical assets with information confidentiality, integrity, and availability principles.

We have helped nonprofit, local, and fortune 500 companies secure over 250k endpoints and protect over $11.5B in valuable assets. Although humans can present the most significant vulnerability in an organization, people are the most valuable assets. A thriving security culture rich with vigilance, resilience, and diligence strengthens business security posture. We champion ongoing security, education, training, and awareness programs and activities to keep our team at the forefront of cyber and information security.



Values in our culture.


We champion environments where you can celebrate your individuality and explore and experience other rich, unique individual viewpoints. We believe there is strength in diverse perspectives, and each individual collectively builds a robust workforce ecosystem.


Our culture strengthens a sense of belonging, equity, and a personal sense of value. We support the identity, experience, and background of everyone and ensure you have an outlet to share your input and creativity.


Being your authentic self helps build honest relationships. It cultivates organizational commitment and workplace harmony. We encourage everyone to be genuine, self-aware, and transparent about who they are or aspire to be.


We are leaders with a sense of purpose who show passion and perseverance. We take pride in our values without compromise, and we are aware of our behavior as others entrust in us. Our goal is to inspire everyone to be compassionate, forthright, and disciplined leaders.



Contact: info@dew-diligence.comMailing Address P.O. Box 1211 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

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