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We supply a board-level security executive to develop your security strategy and deliver on the objectives that have the most impact on your organization. This model provides you with the value of C-Suite leadership at a fraction of the cost and time of onboarding a full-time executive employee. We will perform comprehensive analysis to determine how to provide value in closing security gaps with a strategic security roadmap aligned with your business goals.

Cybersecurity Products and Services

Our MSP and Reseller Agreements enable us to provide our customers with the security products and services to address their cybersecurity needs.

Consulting Engagements

Our consultants will collaborate with you to understand your specific needs. A vCISO will consider your business strategy, organizational goals, current state, and company culture when determining approaches to your risk treatment options. We can also engage in matters of privacy, compliance, governance, and third-party risk to support business and legal requirements in your solutions.

Strategic Goals

Once current and future state objectives are realized, information security and cybersecurity gap analysis will help us present the business cases and security roadmap to deliver your information or cyber risk program. A vCISO can provide risk treatment strategy, oversight of your program delivery, and vulnerability management services to ensure success.

Policy and Procedures

Our executive support can develop or assist with information security policy, standards, guidelines, procedures, and baselines to help establish formal administrative information security control throughout your organization. A vCISO can map industry standards and framework control objectives to your business requirements integrating safeguards against commonly known vulnerabilities and risks in your administrative control.

Enterprise Deployment

Deploying your risk program begins with business leadership. Productive collaboration, successful implementation, and a more robust security culture can be achieved when a business communicates its information security and cyber risk goals to its workforce. We can provide oversight and advisory to technology and project delivery teams, and coordinate I.T. security audit and testing procedures to ensure control objectives for risks are met.


Security is everyone's responsibility. Our collaborative approach incorporates people, technology, and operations. We can also aim to enhance your posture improving the relationship across your administrative, technical, and physical safeguards. A vCISO can consult on defense-in-depth strategies to help you assume a competitive security posture.

Risk Assessments and Reporting

Our team can conduct or support risk assessments and analysis and supply risk-based intelligence for executive decisions on risk treatments. We can also provide valuable indicators of optimization success and quantitative risk data for performance insight to stakeholders. A vCISO will ensure you have the visibility to make critical risk decisions.

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